Cait's face

This is this gurl's face. Um... Yeah.


For the sake of this article, Cait/Rose will just be referred to as Cait. Gotta problem, Weasley? Psh, I dun care.

This gurl. This gurl right here. She roleplays as the following: (get ready to have confusion)

Fleur Weasley

Lee Jordan

Lizzie Wood

Evan Wood

Jonah Mills (deceased)

Parker Scotts

Ophelia Nott

Clemence Weasley (deleted, but still wondering if I should bring her back.)

Daniel Thomas (yer a wizard)

Paris Hart (yer a wizard)

Tony Delacour (yer a wizard)

If I think of more, I will add it.

This gurl. She also uses the word "guise" a lot. And never regrets anything. Ever.

She is welcoming anyone to add to this, because really, this gurl don't know shit about what she should add to a wiki page.

02:10, September 15, 2011 (UTC)02:10, September 15, 2011 (UTC)AdisonistehBestest do I even begin to explain Cait?

Cait is flawless.

I hear Ghetto Mama Fleur is insured for $10,000.

I hear she does Harry Potter Hogwarts.

Her favorite book is where's Waldo. She finds him everytime.

One time she met Voldemort on a broom...

And he told her he wouldn't murder her.

One time, Ghetto Fleur bitched me was awesome.